Friday, December 03, 2010

Working dog.

This is a situation I run into often.

He's all, excuse me, woman. I have to work.

And then I fret, of course, because I'm his mother. What's he doing? Is he on the internet? Should I make him an account with parental controls? Is he looking for a partner? Does he manage stocks online? Does he have a blog? A Facebook? A Twitter?! A doggie mom could go mad while contemplating the possibilities.

It's 12AM. Do you know where your dog is? Online?


Arash Mazinani said...

Nice mac! Is that a macbook pro?

Stella said...

Yup! Ever since I bought a Powerbook 5 years ago, I never went back. Macs have withstood me, and I am a computer destroyer. Seriously. Made my old one kernel panic (go totally bonkers) within 5 minutes of having it. My programmer boyfriend is still so proud of me for that.