Sunday, March 22, 2009

All day, working on a resumé...

Oh no, that rhymed.

But yes, it's true. I've been working for several hours straight on this damn thing. Complete and total redesign. I think it looks much cleaner, sophisticated, and mature than my first attempt. I'm tempted to include pictures of both here, but the old one is just too embarrassing for me. So here you go. A peek at my new one.

Tiny peek, I know. But it's almost 2:30 AM, I am exhausted, and I took a screen cap. Woo.

Goodnight everyone. Busy couple of days coming up.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

1920s: At the beach?

Oh no.

Not another hat!

I think my weakness for hats (and 20s-30s style hats) is well documented here. So really, there's no need to explain away this puppy. But my question is, will it work?

Since I'll be in the US again next week, I think I'm going to try to hunt this puppy down at a Forever 21 store...see how it looks on...but I just think it looks too cute to pass up.

And there will be another hat for Damian to plop atop his head so he can take silly pictures. And then put them on a social networking site. With me looking all weird.

So anyway. In addition to next week's business and cavorting, tickets have been booked for spring break! This means Stella needs a job for this summer! If anybody has any graphic design needs, needs an English/Spanish translator/interpreter, personal shopper, or editorial assistant then I am your girl! Hire me!

Friday, March 20, 2009

They call me Hamfoot.

Originally uploaded by chromachord
Yes, I've been away again. Simply no time to blog. Consumed by thesis and preparation for conferences. That and the lovely incident with an anthill that left my foot looking like a leg of ham. Really. You can ask Damian about that.

To entertain you, I leave you with a video of the drag queen competition/talent show I stumbled upon with a conference friend on my last night in Albuquerque. This kind of thing doesn't happen back home!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sick (Alcove kiva).

Alcove Kiva.
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Just wanted to entertain you whilst I nurse a damn cold. Funny, I got sick upon my return from the cold desert, not while there...


This picture was taken at Bandelier National Monument while I was in New Mexico this past week. I went there for academic reasons (conference), but hey! One can always sneak in a little fun too, no?

By the way, I had to climb up the side of a mountain to get this picture. To be exact, four sets of wooden ladders and walking around a cliff face for a total of 140 feet. I am terrified of heights, so panic attacks where involved.

Enjoy while I attempt to sleep. Will post more soon. Hopefully. I am so swollen I could barely get my rings on and off, so fashion and life are all about comfort at this point.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

So long, Albuquerque.

Hope to swing this way again!

I'll be leaving in a little more than 12 hours: heading back home. Albuquerque has been pretty awesome. I apologize for the lack of blogging (and commenting!) but you'd think that this particular hotel would have more than 3 computers for it's multitude of guests. No. Just 3. Everybody, DUKE IT OUT.

Get it? Duke City? Albuquerque? Aw, shucks.

Well, blogging will hopefully resume once I get back home and get into the swing of things. Am sick with a cold. Desert dryness + change of seasons = messed up innards.

Everyone: stay classy.