Sunday, December 19, 2010

A hundred years later: Lady Gaga concert

So way back when in September, when I went to the DMV and took a day trip to Philly to visit Zeynep, I saw Lady Gaga. Well, I didn't edit the pictures until a couple of days ago. I know, I'm horrible. I really need to sit down and organize my laptop, because I sort of found the pictures by accident. Ugh. However, here they are! Look, look! I'm distracting you with Gaga! (For more detail, click the pictures; they'll take you to my Flickr page.)







So how was the concert? Pretty amazing. Girl's got pipes, talent, and attitude to spare. As an all around nerd, I was geeking out with my friend Gloria, being mad envious of her piano skills. ( Later in the trip, we went to a Korean BBQ/Karaoke place and Gagad some more, evidence here thanks to my boyfriend Damián. He's captured this moment for eternity. Check out the mike covers! ) I'd like to see her in concert again, most definitely. Hopefully with better seats! But, all in all, a great night was had with good friend. What else could I ask for? (Maybe for some Photoshop on that karaoke picture, but, oh well. I'll laugh at it when I'm older.)


Arash Mazinani said...

Wow you got some amazing pictures from the show. You must have been sat in quite god seats or had a good zoom on your camera.

Stella said...

Hehe, thanks! The seats were a bit far, so yes...relied on the zoom mostly.