Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting my outfit groove on (or fighting the good fight)

Glasses: You know! They're Old Navy, and you know!
Shirt: Old Navy via flea market
Camisole: Calvin Klein
Belt: Kress
Skirt: store in Spain
Tights: Gap or Old Navy
Shoes: Sears

This outfit made me happy. It still does. I originally bought the pink top for mom, but when she tried it on, it was too big for her. Well, heck, it's too big for me as well, but that's nothing that a belt can't fix!

I'm really feeling the pink. Particularly, hot, bright pink. In fact, I've noticed that, lately, I'm buying a lot of that sort of pink for my wardrobe. First, it started with pink a pink shirt. What's next? A pink dress? We'll see.

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