Monday, March 24, 2008

NYC 2008: Recap

Pictures speak better than words.

If you want to see more pictures, head on over to my Flickr account by clicking on the Flickr link. They might not be uploaded now, but check periodically.

The trip was good. We didn't kill each other, though there were times when I was sure I would be smothered in my sleep. But I asked for it, since I dragged the poor boy shopping.

The weather, oh the weather. It was cold. But we were okay with the cold, the problem was the God forsaken 50 mph gusts of wind. Fabulous. At times I thought I was going to be thrown onto oncoming traffic thanks to the gusts of wind.

Locations in the pictures are as follows:
-Metropolitan Museum of Art
-Central Park Subway Station, in front of the Apple in 5th Ave
-MoMA. Also known as the Museum of WTF This Is Art?
-Somewhere in Queens.

There might be, will be? another more detailed post about New York, but for now, enjoy the pictures. Till then, later!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

No sleep till Brooklyn.

Quick post to explain that I'm alive and I'm currently blogging from a damn sexy Macbook Air at the New York Apple store on 5th Avenue. 


Monday, March 10, 2008

Swimming through the backlog.

I have quite a couple of entries that are backlogged, simply because I haven't really had time to post. And when I do have time to post, something happens and the enthusiasm to blog really just dissipates. Right now, I'm in a bit of a funk because, well. Certain people are just. Yeah.

Loss of words here.

So instead of boring you with my situations, I'm going to regale you with one of several backed-up posts.

eBay finds! Part deux!

So this is the second of the jackets/coats I bought off eBay. As I said before, I needed to procure some cold weather gear as I will be experiencing some nasty (nasty for me, anyway) weather some day soon. The first was the vintage leather jacket that I featured a couple of posts ago. This one is the Volcom one I mentioned in said post (if I am not mistaken). Got this for around 40 bucks, shipping included, and it's 95% acrylic and 5% wool. I haven't experienced any full-blown allergies while wearing it, but I do get a bit of a tingle. I think it's the wool. But, again, and thankfully, it's not a reaction that makes me want to peel off my clothes, rip off my skin, and scream.

Ignore the contrasting patterns and the weird pose. It was late Thursday night when I took this picture and I was hurrying off to our weekly Rockband, er. Our weekly academic chat at my friend Gerard's house.

Also, it seems that my feet have grown? Is this possible? I went from a normal ten to now ten and a half. So now, I really have to try every shoe on because I don't know if the ten runs large or not. Suck.

Speaking of feet, more precisely, shoes, I scored some suede Prada peeptoe wedges on eBay! Very excited about these. Will blog about them when they get home.

I have big plans for this blog. Well, as big as this blog can be. :P I plan on adding a new section to it, something that caters to my tastes and, hopefully, will help some of my readers at any given time.

Also, I most probably will give my links an overhaul. Blogs that don't exist anymore, blogs that are there, but aren't updated.

So take care everyone, and see you soon. Go watch Anthony Bourdain because he is damn good.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I don't get a sticker?

Normally, I don't really care about politics. I hate it when people start talking about politics as if it is the most fantastic and enthralling thing on Earth. But seeing as how the island's situation is so dire, I feel it is my duty to actively participate and do my best to have my voice heard. (Of course, metaphorically speaking, since I'm fairly sure our dumb as bricks governor is not hearing me when I say he's dumb as bricks.)

So today, I didn't wake up bright and early, but I woke up early enough to get to the polls in time.
The upsetting thing is that you have to pick a party to vote for, they don't believe in the idea of voting for individual candidates. However, the choice was clear for me since I don't believe in the current governor or the party he represents.

Before anybody gets their political knickers in a twist, I'm not promoting any parties, I'm just discussing my personal views. I'm for either unification or separation. That's it, that's all.

So, I voted. I did my part.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Things to do. In no particular order:

1) Get frames fixed. Are not yet a week old and have already stretched out. Hm. Beginning to think they're not work the investment.

2) Call old office and see if I can talk to my old boss. Who is, coincidentally, my aunt. Need to say hello.

3) Go to school and make copies of book I've had for months now on interlibrary loan.

4) Return said book to interlibrary loan.

5) Get open-ended student evaluations from last semester. Hope that it's good. If not, they're all a bunch of bratwurst loving piss-ants.

6) Check for socks at Kmart. You'd think they'd sell decent quality thick socks at the mall. But no.

7) Oh. Yeah. Jog.

8) Come back home. Cook myself something for dinner. Have head scratched.

9) Watch Ghost Hunters. And Project Runway. (And yes, I am interested in shows about the paranormal. If you don't, then good for you. Everybody has their something. Just don't shove into mine.)

10) E-mail professor regarding 15-page research paper that is due in 26 days.

I think that's it. Other than the normal, requisite, everyday things such as living, breathing, eating. I'm really supposed to be thrilled about things, but I'm not.

I'm really not.