Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The perils of living independently

This whole growing up thing is awesome and sucky at the same time. Yes, I'm 27. Yes, I've been living on my own for a year. But! Still new to this whole "you're in charge of EVERYTHING"! In Hispanic culture (though not exclusively to it...there's a boom occuring in Japan), it's typical for children to live with their parents well into young adulthood until they either marry or establish themselves economically. Well, I'm not married nor am I super well-established economically, but I am getting there! (At least, to the economy part of the equation.)

All this to say, we're still moving in. We've got plenty of stuff in already, but there's still some left over at the old place. Boo. It's been fun, but a bit...grueling, to say the least. We've managed to injure our necks, backs, and knees. We put up our tree; Genghis has already tried to climb it and eat the ornaments. Oy. He managed to trick us for the first two days, too. Looking all disinterested in the tree...clever little clover we have...

I will be back to posting soon (hopefully maybe even today? Could it be?!). Meanwhile, tell me. What are you doing the next couple of days? Working? Taking time off and spending it with your family? Buying last minute presents? Share!

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Arash Mazinani said...

Moving can suck I've only ever had to move once. I lived with my parents up until about a year and a half ago so I was about 25 when I moved out. Once you're settled you'll love it, trust me.