Thursday, December 09, 2010

Parents: a conversation

Conversation in regards to dress that came in the mail. Over the phone.

Dad: Something came in the mail.
Me: Oh, good. I'm expecting some things.
Dad: What are you expecting?
Me: A dress, a purse.
Dad: Well, this looks like a shirt.
Mom: A shirt?
Dad: Yes, a shirt.
Me: It's a dress. I didn't order a shirt.
Dad: It looks like a shirt.
Mom: If she says it's a dress, it's a dress!
Dad: Does it fit her?
Mom: Trust her!
Dad: This looks like a shirt.

For the record, the dress is actually knee length. How in the world did that man figure that was too short, I don't know. Maybe my father thinks I've gotten to frivolous, wearing knee-length skirts and all.

I'm kidding. My dad's pretty liberal with what I wear, as long as the important bits are covered. Wait, I think I'm just shooting myself in foot repeatedly. I'll shut up now. I'll post the dress as soon as I get it cleaned...

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