Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Outfit backlog: the Knee (Brace) Diaries

So I was slogging through the files on my computer when I found these. And then I remembered that I had meant to post this quite a bit of time ago. Oops. Sorry. Better late than never, right?

These pictures are from when I busted up my knee earlier this year. To this day, I'm suffering the consequences of that. I can't wear certain types of heels and it's hard for me to walk or go up and down stairs at times. Which brings me to today's lesson: don't ever rush to work. You'll only end up hurting yourself. Just look at me. Trying to get early to work, hit myself hard on the knee and finished tearing up my meniscus into a dark oblivion.

But I digress. For the months following that, I had to wear a knee brace. And I couldn't wear heels at all. I wore heels to my thesis defense (of which I have no outfit picture of, d'oh), and, man. Was that fun. It was a party. Seriously. I should've gotten arrested, the stuff that went down in that knee. I'm fairly sure there were illegal substances there. And candy. But, again, I veer off course. How do you dress up when you have that black thing covering your leg? (I'm sorry, brace. It's not your fault, it's just that you're properly aesthetically designed. And you were one of the better looking ones.) I did my best. While I didn't document all of my outfits, I think I was dressing better then than now. Ouch. Double ouch, when I'm reminded of the knee business again.

On the bright side, the injury has made me much more mindful of the types of shoes I buy. I think I look for quality shoes more now, whereas before, if I liked it, I wouldn't give it much of a thought. It has to fit, and it has to fit well. They also cannot hurt. I can't go around injuring myself anymore. That's what working out is for!

Oh, and I'm not crediting the clothes because
a) you're going to see a lot of them around here
b) it would take forever and you'd get bored; then where would we be?

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Celeste said...

Ahhh I totally had to wear a knee brace for almost a year because I tore my ACL.. I felt like it drastically changed my outfit options but it looks like you did a great job!