Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh, Internet, I dress for you (also known as eBay finds).

As promised, I present to you my newest eBay find:

Internet, my "new" vintage leather jacket. Scored off eBay for twenty dollars and seventy-five cents. I think it's a bargain compared to what most leather jackets go for, plus, it has character.

I'll be honest, I never really considered getting a leather jacket, but seeing as I will encounter a cold-weather situation soon, I figured leather was the way to go, as I am at the mercy of a rather violent allergy to wool. My requests were that it fit properly, be unique, and nip at the waist. I do believe I got it! It feels a little wide in the shoulders, but with all the layers that will be underneath, I don't think that will be a problem?

Face and hair brought to you by I Just Got Home From Class. The weird stuff on the picture is my attempts to be creative, but they didn't really work. I'll get better with time.

I'm still waiting on another jacket/coat that is 95% acrylic and 5% wool. I decided to risk it because I figured that such a tiny percentage of wool won't do such a big number on me, right? Let's hope it doesn't. Plus, it's lined. And I'd be wearing a scarf. Yar?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Geek chic fabulous.

So we continue with our tales of visits to the medics. But first, a picture. Of fabulous glasses.

These are quite possibly my new frames. I've decided to get new ones so I can have two pairs, in case I'm in a hurry and it's the case of just finding one of two pairs, not one of one. Also, a backup in case anything happens. Such as, I don't know, them falling out of my bag? Being crushed by a car? Patch deciding that they make a fantastic new toy?

You'll have to excuse the face. And the hair. I'd been up since 7:00 AM, just had been informed of future dental surgery, and was debating the cost of new frames plus giving new lenses to my old ones. Though, on the other part, I really don't care :P The only thing that concerns me is that I look kind of...not in shape. But we will not discuss that because I accept that it's laziness in my part.

I really like these frames, maybe because they're just unadulteratedly screaming geekery. I like thick frames. My mother likes to have transparent frames, I don't know why. To each his own then.

What I'm loving most of the frames is the price. They're a relatively cheap 88 dollars. But even this price is a little steep. I paid around the same amount for my other glasses, including the lenses, and those are Cynthia Rowleys! Granted, they were on super sale, but still.

Now, what may follow can be considered as a sort of a rant. It's not directed against anyone, it's just me expressing my point of view. If you feel particularly alluded to, then that's just your thing. I don't have anything against you. Unless you have all my lost/missing/possibly stolen? random items of jewelry, then it is. I will haunt you.

The thing is, I can't justify spending such an amount on glasses. Granted, I need them to read, to use my computer (heck, I need them right now), but they are something that's so fragile. A bag I may justify because it will sustain a higher level of abuse, but, glasses? My glasses have fallen out of cars, flown across rooms, been sat on, stepped on, slammed with a book, kicked, and God knows what else that I can't recall. I need something that I won't go "Oh shit" if anything happens.

Still, when it's all said and done, I think I will get these. I think they look sweet. Of course, I'd be lying that I won't cringe when the bill comes out.

Next post? Extolling the riches of eBay, my friends. Because while on the one hand, eBay can be like an evil bitch mother that abandons its young, it can also be the source of happy moments, in which you mentally frolic through fields with sheep. And ponies. Sweet.

Or I could just talk about something else. 8D

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dental surgery, I has it.

So today I woke up at what I consider to be an ungodly hour: 7:00 AM. But I got out of bed at 8:30 after much mumbling and cursing and wishing the doctor could just come over and attend me in the bed. The purpose of this early awakening was to visit the dentist, an endeavor that I used to enjoy and had not done in about, oh. Two years? So excuse me if I was not particularly excited about going, since I was afraid the dentist might have said: you know what? They're all rotten. You need dentures. And then I would proceed to pass out and dream of terminator ponies.

Turns out it wasn't the horrorfest that I expected, but it wasn't a frolic in lily-covered fields either. The waiting room had internet (be it by accident, since they didn't know how to protect their wifi signal) so that was awesome. I I wandered the internet aimlessly, but it was too early for my usual haunts to have updated their sites. However, the visit itself was not that pleasant. I had my teeth cleaned, which HURT. At several points, I wondered if it was always like this and I had simply forgotten since I had not been to the dentist in two years. And at others, I figured, well. The dental technician is just being an ass.

After removing about two pounds of tar and random particles, the dentist herself came in and duly informed me that I have one cavity (OH SHIT ONLY ONE! WIN!)

But then she told me that I had to have my wisdom teeth removed and probably my root-canaled molar.


She also suggested that I get braces, because apparently, my bite isn't normal. And, of course, it totally has to be. But I told her that if it wasn't "oh my God my teeth will rot turn into totally gnarly piranha teeth," then I wasn't getting them. She said it wasn't necessary. So no braces for me. Sucka'.

So yes. There it is. I will have to call the maxillofacial surgeon to schedule the removal of all five teeth at the same time. The levels of fun and awesomeness! THEY ARE ASTONISHING.


After that, I went into el pueblo and went to the the new restaurants and collected sample menus. :D And then, to the optician to get my eyes checked. Turns out, my prescription needs to get fixed too. Awesome. The levels of shame aging brings.

But that will be another story. With pictures! But now, I have to leave. For I am at the mall. And I have things to do. Which I can't really recall. Hm.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roman orgy time!

*runs in wearing leather and furs*

Quick, everyone! It's Lupercalia! Cover thyselves in leather and furs! Run, run free! And...

...wait a minute.

Lupercalia requires the sacrifice of two goats and one dog.

I am not down with that.


Shall I continue this oh-my-god-I-bloggeth-in-short-one-sentence-spasms line of thought?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Keep the puppies and the goats safe. But if you want to run around in leather and furs, just do what you gotta do. Warn me before though. I need to have a camera ready to capture the moment. And later crucify you in Facebook.

I kid!

By the by, anyone know where I can get a cute red cotton coat? I'm sort of obsessed right now and I can't find any. Plus, I'm violently allergic to wool. :D Like, I tried on a dress the other day without knowing the percentage of wool it had and I walked around with a dress-pattern rash for the rest of the day. Fabulicious!

Now, go hug your brother, your sister, your mother, your lover, your best friend, your dog, cat, pet spider monkey, whatever you choose to express your love to.

Or, go sit in a corner and let yourself shrivel along with your little dark heart.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Blogging under the influence.

So it's 3:24 AM and I'm standing in the kitchen eating a ham and butter sandwich (yes, no cheese). And I am slightly buzzed. I am adventuring in this experiment in blogging because I figured, what the hey. I'm still young. Probably still got a few embarrassing posts in me yet.

I just got home from our weekly meeting for 6005. The meeting ended hours ago, but Gerardo brought out our crack cocaine: Rockband. And, my friends, we have been playing Rockband since 11:30 PM. It's a drug. If you're considering starting drugs, don't. Buy Rockband. It's a relatively cheap one-time investment that will last you for hours.

I'm vocals and drums, mainly vocals. This time around, I got a 99% on vocals, which makes me sad. Because I got a 100% the first time around. I believe it's the alcohol affecting my performance.

As for how much I drank? I do believe it was only three drinks. But they were three very loaded drinks. But I do not know why I reveal such information to you, internet, for you are fickle, and can betray me...

I think I shall retired to bed now..and dream of ponies playing "Enter Sandman" by Metalllica. 8D