Thursday, May 31, 2007

Valedictorian of depression.

What is there to say. The psychiatrist wants to up my meds. I am very displeased. I'm so upset, I'm furious. I'm sick and tired of taking pills, the pills are not working.

But I'm not getting better! Yay!

According to the psychiatrist, I'm slipping back into a more serious depression. I'm so sick of this. Of not being able to sleep, of waking up everyday thinking things that aren't true, of having absolutely no desire to do anything. I'm sick of going to the psychiatrist and to the psychologist.

I have zero idea on how I will survive this upcoming year. I have no desire whatsoever to even start my thesis, and I have a feeling that I'll be in class giving the professor blank stares (since I could care less about the class). I see no future ahead of me, at all.

Dear readers, I do not mean to psych you out through my babble, but this is how I feel. I'm not suicidal, but there is no will to live. This just sucks.

I don't know what else to say. I'd been thinking of posting cheerier, more upbeat bloggage, of my talking about shopping or whatever but that's just not where I am right now. And a lot of people think that I'm doing so well, but I just hide it. Because, honestly, I don't need you to know that I wake up at 5am everyday and start crying. Well, I don't cry anymore, it's like I just gave up.

So that's it for now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gap Overdose.

So today the Gramps and I drove up to San Juan to see the New York cousin who was stopping in Puerto Rico for a day whilst on a cruise. Gramps, being old and slightly neurotic, wanted to leave at 5 am. So I had to wake up at the unholy hour of 4 something am in order to be ready to part at 5.

Other than that, the day was fine. I had fun with the New York cousin and her husband, Capitán Boricua (and I'd like to add that he's actually Armenian American. Viva la culture blending.) The only problem was the driving. But I believe that was compesated with all the shopping that I did!

I hit up Plaza Las Americas and Prime Outlets in Barceloneta. And, oddly enough, the only place I actually bought something was Gap. And at Godiva. Yum.

I scored four dresses. Ignore my tired face. My head has been cut off from most of the pictures to lessen blog reader trauma.

I also scored espadrilles. Bought the same pair in black and white. Hey, they were only 9.99!

Aviators were also found. Squee!

Clothes for the boy were acquired.
And my cousin bought me this cute little bee key fob at Coach. Which is ironic since I'm allergic to all bug bites. Which means I'm allergic to bees.

Pardon my goofiness in the pictures, but I'd just gotten back from a long day's trip and I was hyper off yummy Mexican food.

And yes. This brings my dress count to 82. I have no shame.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The stuff in my closet.

Dear World,

I was searching today in my closet for the dress I will wear to my dear Boobie Snoopy's wedding when I decided to count just exactly how many dresses I own. Please, dear Reader, notice that I say dresses, and only dresses, because I honestly don't know what all my other stuff amounts to. So yes. How many dresses do I have?


Yes, you read right. 78. Seventy-eight. Setenta y ocho.

Dear God.

I think Damian is going to pass out when he reads that sum. That, and totally not allow me to buy anymore dresses.

I honestly didn't expect to have this many dresses. This includes casual dresses, work dresses, going out dresses, and formal dresses. I guess I should be proud?

My other obsession is black shoes. I think I have around 20 pairs of black heels in varying styles. I'm addicted to a good heel.

Oh well. Adventures in my closet will continue...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekends can be boring.

I should be working on my final course development project, but I'd rather do something else since everytime I even think about that project my mouth turns into a snarl and I start speaking gibberish about setting the school on fire.

Seriously, people, we need to hang out on the weekends. I've seen Mythbusters marathons way too many times.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Last day of work.

So today is my last day of work at the publishing center. I'm definitely sad because

*post interrupted because boyfriend has kidnapped me from work 8D*

Anyway, as I was saying. I'm sad about not working here anymore because I learned a lot about the publishing business and because, hey. It's a job. I don't like having to go around looking for work or thinking about how I'm going to get by without a paycheck (I don't like asking my parents for money). Oh well. This job was supposed to last until I graduated but due to fund cuts, my contract won't be renewed. Poo.

School is being nastier than a hillbillie with a shotgun. I have so many things to hand in and such little time to get it done. Ew. At least I have some new music to listen to in the form of Simian Mobile Disco and Cansei de ser sexy. And, of course, Bjork's new album.

And so I shall return to my last day of work...that shall pass by with me doing schoolwork. Blah.