Monday, May 30, 2011

Sassy Lassy (With a Side of Prude)

Let me go on the record and tell you that I love this outfit. Can't you tell? I've got this damn smirk on my face, and I can't wipe it off. Why? Because I'm so happy and comfortable in this outfit. I wore a rehash of this for my first day of work. I can't wait till everyone forgets about it so I can wear it again, I love it so much.

Funny thing is, this? This outfit? This is subversive for most of PR. I'm wearing a lot of black, I'm covered, I'm mixing styles (the crochet belt seems too delicate for these boots, to most), and, deadliest thing of all, my skirt isn't dangerously close to revealing my undies. Look, I'm no saint, and I sure do love my short skirts and shorts, but, this is getting ridiculous. Girls, keep your lady parts in your pants, not out. Or, at least, keep them in while you are out in public. I seriously have no need to be dazzled by them while I go about my business.

I know I sound positively prudish; well, on second thought, no. I don't. There is such a thing as common sense. I'm all for freedom of expression. I love daring clothes. I love low-cut dresses, shorts, skirts, all within reason. But, I feel it becomes disrespectful when you are dressed very inappropriately for a place/situation. And I don't mean by over or underdressed, I mean lack of dress. Why do you have to show it all? There is a time and a place for everything. Bandeau top and short shorts for raving it up at a dance party? Cool! Bandeau top and short shorts for going to pick up your kids at school? No.

The sad truth of the matter is that most people here, both peers and of an older age range, consider me a prude. When I think about it, clothing here is highly sexualized. Too much, for me. Too many women don outrageously tight spandex clothes with exorbitantly high hems and mind-blowingly low necklines. And, in my experience, you receive negative attention in both cases, but sometimes even more so when you dress modestly. People heckle you, make comments, and even assume that you're part of an extremist religious movement because, oh my, you don't want to wear a miniskirt to work. I firmly believe there is a place and a time for everything, and that includes clothes. At work I dress modestly: I keep my crazy colors and garments, but the hemlines are close to the knee and the cleavage is non-existent. When I go out, I showcase one thing at a time. Short skirt? Long sleeves. Deep neckline? Better wear pants or add tights. I firmly believe that there is an allure, an aura, to showing your figure ever so slightly. A hint here and there. I've quite had it with overt sexuality, thank you.

So, let's take it in, girls. Let's keep it classy.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Like a Fine Wine

(Picture taken by me in Georgetown, DC.)

It would be presumptuous of me to say that I'm like a fine wine, but I want to talk about aging in general. Why is it that perceptions agree that wine gets better with age while people do not? People, specially women, are under the age pendulum. That is, each year is a pass of the pendulum. As you grow older, the blade gets closer. Until your "shelf life" is done, and, swoosh! You are doomed to conservative mom jeans and tasteful twin sets forever.

I disagree. While I am only 27, I feel much better now about myself than I did when I was 24 or 19 or 16. I've heard so many people say that high school was "the best time in their life". Aren't they cutting themselves off a little early? Raising the bar too much? Ultimately, they're carving out a self-fulfilling prophecy. In their minds, nothing will compare to those glory days, no matter how many fantastic opportunities cross their way.

We should be like wine. We should say we are such. We get better with age. We grow wiser, settle into our figures, and go about what we want with great determination. After years of struggling with confidence and body issues, I can slowly feel them melting away. Sure, sometimes I look in the mirror and those old teenage/young adult fears pop back, but they flutter away in a second. At look at myself and say, "You're pretty." And while sometimes it's still hard to believe (thanks to years of abusive friendships/relationships and low self-esteem), it's easier to look in the mirror and agree.

I refuse to believe that just because I'm nearing 30, I'm old news. I refuse to believe that being anything over a size 4 is a failure and that I'm not beautiful because of it. I refuse to believe that there are no chances left and that I will never achieve what I'm working for. I refuse to believe all the negative energy that soul-sucking people mete out, simply because it just takes away so much time and effort from the pursuits one really wants. It's a waste! Don't throw away your time thinking about these things, just concentrate on the here and now.

The glory days are not done. I repeat, not done. Far from it. Each day, we are carving our own paths and heading in the right direction. Our direction. Following our dreams, whatever they may be. I know mainstream media is trying to hype that 30/40/50 are the new 20/30, but guess what? Behind the marketing lies a veritable truth. We do get better with age. We learn, mature, and grow into ourselves, becoming more beautiful and stronger thanks to the lessons learned and the poise we've developed.

So let's go get a glass of wine and celebrate!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Bag, Two Choices

I'm not going to lie, I've been hemming and hawing over this bag for over a year. It's too cute, and I know it's a copy of a designer bag. But it looks nice, and nowhere does it say that it's designer. So I've gotten over it. It's a good looking bag, and it seems to be capable of hauling my plethora of stuff. Seriously, I haul stuff in my purse. Don't you? No? Damn. I admire you.

Bottom line: I don't know which color to get. With both of the purses checking in at under $30, I think we're super cool on the price point. My problem is the color. Dark chocolate or khaki. You decide. Or suggest. And I'll keep hemming and hawing over here.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Keep Teasing You.

Man alive, I'm busy. But here's another NJ weekend picture.

Atlantic City was quite nice. Despite the overall...ehem, tackiness of the Trump Plaza, the boardwalk was quite charming and I'd love to go back. It was a wee bit windy (seriously, isn't it supposed to be spring? BRR!), but it was quite fun. Next time, there will be a go kart showdown between Damián and I, 'cause we keep it real in this house.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Peek at the Weekend

I did Everybody, Everywear, except I did it backwards. Thought it was on Monday and wore florals then. Nevermind...I'll post it up anyway. It's the thought that counts?

But not right now. Now, I'm rushing off to bed, but I really wanted to share this with you. A peek at last weekend, in which Damián and I jetted off to Cape May for the wedding of my lovely friend Zeynep! In the short time there, I managed to meet this darling specimen.

More details to come!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Where Are You?

I'm more of a lurky member at IFB, as in, I am a member and I haven't posted anything yet. I know. Shameful. I guess I'm just shy, it being such a big community and all. However, I do read their weekly links, and I pop over to the website and read the articles and forums often. And, through an IFB blog, I found this!

The Style Blogger Map. A way for bloggers to find out about other style bloggers in their area, connect and interact. Or reach out to others across the sea or land. I find this utterly awesome, and I signed up right away. Can't wait to see if there are other PR bloggers there!

Click on the link above or visit

Will you join? :)