Friday, September 11, 2009


Yesterday, Damian and I were getting some presents for his relatives in Spain (and also as a thank you for letting us stay over). His dad came along to help us since he knows more about the family's tastes than we do.

So while at Old Navy, they spot this dragon costume for Damian's baby cousin. And for some reason, they were really excited. I would've never thought that they'd flip over this dragon costume, but they did. And now, I'm taking this in my carry on luggage.

Not to say that I don't find the costume unbearably cute. I mean, I'm already plotting to teach the baby to go "rar!"

Costume is available at Old Navy.


So I'm almost done packing: only missing my camera, a printed copy of my essay, and some tights. Oh, and some assorted jewelry. But, other than that, I am pretty much done with packing. I did it today because I know that tomorrow I will not have enough time, I have to go to work. And I leave on Saturday, so I'm not going to do everything last minute.

That said, it would've been nice to have some time off and do things a bit more calmly. Oh well. I have to wake up early today to go to work. The waking up early part blows chunks like whoa, but, I HAVE A JOB. That cancels it out.

I was pondering the possibility of making a sign for the plane that says "Wake only for food and emergencies." But, that's not really viable is it? I mean...I'm already going to walk around with a (kid's) dragon costume in my carry-on, don't need to give them additional evidence that I'm a few beans short of a burrito.

The worst part is that I can feel myself getting sick. I've been chugging pills and water like a fiend, but no dice. I will definitely be getting a spot of the flu for the beginning of the trip. Which is disappointing, but I'd rather get sick now and have it just be a cold/flu. I really don't need a repeat of that marvelous digestive pyrotechnia that I experienced in New Orleans. I mean, wow. Talk about making a memory.

Well, bed time. Let's see if I can squeeze another DIY post before I leave. Good night!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Second H.

Remember a few months ago when I'd said that two very nice things had happened with the word H? The first was revealed, Harvard, but I never said anything about the second. Here's a peek.

Guessed what it is yet?


I'm not a watch person, but after seeing the Hermès Medor on Mimi from Brook & Lyn, I freaked. I'd always said that if I got a watch, it would be something that looked like a bracelet. I'd seen a Timex that I liked and mom was so surprised that I mentioned a watch, she got it for me as a Valentine's Day present.

But I saw the Medor some time later on Mimi on her blog. And it stayed in my mind. I decided to get it for myself as a gift for successfully presenting at several conferences. Also, because I needed to stop being late everywhere.

That last part hasn't stopped. Sorry, I will seemingly never arrive early anywhere.

So far I'm very happy with it. And now I'm sort of addicted...I really like the new Medors with the double straps. But I'm definitely not getting any one now. Perhaps in the future!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I have returned. And I finally have a new camera! I'm still figuring it out, but I mourn for my old E900...oh well. Keep calm and carry on.

I'd promised eons ago to put pictures of my stud DIY and at last I can do that. I guess it's been built up on a lot since I've been unable to post the pictures up. This jacket was inspired by Mimi of Brook & Lyn and Zana of Garbage Dress.

Originally, it was supposed to be covered in studs, but I didn't like that. So I took some out and made a little pattern. Tetris inspired? Maybe.

I got this linen jacket at the Salvation Army for a dollar and ordered some studs from Studs and Spikes (thanks for the recommendation, Mimi!). I studded it entirely, didn't like it, let it sit there while I fired out what to do with it, and then finally figured it out.

So there it is. My stud DIY. I still haven't properly worn it out yet. Can't wait to wear it out thou!

And I'm headless in that last picture because it had been a long day.