Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's all in the bag

Purses, bags, handbags. We all need them. We all use them to carry around our stuff. (Except, of course, when we're wearing a fancy dress to which we cannot match a clutch. Then we somehow manage to convince our dates and/or friends to carry our stuff in their pockets/purses.)

When you buy purses, what do you do? Do you go for a quick problem solver or do you make it an investment piece?

I have to say I have been "guilty" of both. Of course, there is nothing to be guilty of. It's your money and you should (carefully and wisely) do with it what you want. But, I digress. The subject is purses, not money management. I have dropped a decent amount of money on more expensive, higher quality purses. I have a weakness for Marc Jacobs and a tender soft spot for Coach. I've always wanted an Yves Saint Laurent Muse, but after being burned by a fake on eBay, my love for the Muse has petered out. But not for the band. I still love Muse, very much so.

That said, despite having what can be called "investment" purses, I love a good deal. I also love thrifting. So I have a lot of purses from Old Navy, Marshalls, and sundry other stores that I cannot recall, in addition to second-hand scores. And I give them just as much love as I do my other ones. After all, they were bought because they appealed to me. So higher price tag or not, they mean something to me and I take care of them, dollar or hundred dollar bag that it may be.

Of course, there are other factors when it comes to purse purchasing. Do you have a limited amount of space and therefore only make investment pieces? Or do you make investment pieces due to budget constraints and wear those forever?

I want to know: What goes on in your head when you make a purse purchase? Do you limit yourself or go crazy? Do you go for investment or a quick piece that will last a year or two? Let's talk!

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