Monday, September 29, 2008

Poetic Cobi.

In an attempt to distract you from the quiet, I bring you a picture of Damian's dog, Cobi. This birthday weekend was a very full one, but a very fulfilling one as well, but more details on that later. Thanks everyone!

Now back to that pile of undergrad papers...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama is the new trend?

I adore this shirt. Go Obama/Biden '08!

(Shirt by Nannette Lepore, $65.00, available at


Was attacked by the muse. It demanded I write about anime, manga, and transgender instead of writing for my thesis. Which is about the paranormal as a means of female empowerment.

Well, fuck.

I'll keep writing anyway.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

El Volky Guevara.

Saw this at the beach a couple of weeks ago and couldn't help take pictures of a particular collection of Volkswagen vans. As you can see, this one has Che Guevara on it. The one with racing stripes has a Puerto Rican flag that has a Volkswagen sign on it instead of a star. Talk about love.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

iEl Horror!

El Chupacabra!

I got this shirt a while ago and I think it was the start of the Chupacabra madness. I saw it at a store reputed for its inexpensive finds and I couldn't help myself. I got one for Damian, one for my cousin's husband Rob, and one, of course, for me. I wear it to go get bread or do quick errands: I don't wear it to go out on a date and such.

But isn't it fun? :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tempting fate?

How about outright pissing it off.

Last night, after a very full and pleasant day, I got the most insane pain in my stomach. It felt as if a crazed person was trying to jackhammer their way through my stomach. I honestly thought I'd have to be taken to the hospital.

I waited it out and managed to drive home in the morning, but just as I was getting home, I noticed a little problem...

Can you tell what the problem is?


As you can see, we had a "bit" of flooding. Props to the wonderful news media and so-called weather reporters that gave no warning of this shit. I was driving home, in pain, thinking: well, it's either drive to the hospital or stop by my house to see if mom wants to go with me, when I see that a certain part of the road has no cars running through it. Then I brake and since it's raining, my car starts sliding down the road. Wee.

So after half an hour trying to figure out how to get home, calling the cops (to notify them/harass them about the road being flooded and hence, no one could drive through), calling Damian, and calling mom, I take a sketchy back road and make it home. To continue clutching my stomach in pain.

The pain is better now, but I still have it. I have no idea what triggered it. Pocket of gas? Constipation? Indigestion? Dehydration? Gastritis? All five combined? I don't know. I just know that it sucks.

I'm going to get some rest now...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's happening?

So since I last made a...text-heavy? post, several things have happened. Most notably, to my viscera.

I had already commented about my gastritis. To follow up on that topic, I had an abdominal sonogram done and an endoscopy. Both entailed fasting for long periods of time and the last one had to be done at a hospital. Fun. I hate hospitals.


The tests revealed that I have mild chronic gastritis. Luckily, it's non-erosive, so I don't have to be on a strict diet and pills all the time. Still, I have to watch what I eat and I have to be on medication for one more week. And avoid stress. We'll see how well that last one goes.

However, during the abdominal sonogram, they found that I have mild hydrophrenosis. What is this fancy schmancy word, you ask? Well, I have a "slightly" enlarged kidney due to an obstruction. So now I have to go to more doctors and get more tests done to see just how enlarged/obstructed the kidney is.

And I also have to go to the dermatologist, not for vanity reasons, but because I have a wart/growth that has changed in a worrisome way.

To say that I'm distressed at these revelations pretty much covers it. I'm tired of going to doctors and of the damn Puerto Rican medical insurance system. Being sick is a luxury on this damn island. At the same time, I'm trying not to think about it. I'm reading stuff for my thesis, throwing myself into the class I'm teaching. I don't want to think about these things, about what could happen if they get worse. I guess I sound very negative here, but I try not to think about it, really. I try to be positive and such, but there are times when I wonder what else is going to happen. I mean, I hope I'm not tempting fate here, but I guess I'm stressing out.

So yes, this is what's up.

Oh, and I'll be 25 next Saturday. I had honestly forgotten that if not for someone asking me if my birthday was next week. I said no, that it was two weeks later. And then I realized I had forgotten my own birthday.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things you find at the flea market.

So when you go fleamarketing, you find cute stuff. And sometimes you find things that are so kitschy that it either makes you scratch your head or want to take it home.

I should've bought this Dracula head...the eyes actually light up! The things people come up with.

I keep wanting to do a post about my fleamarket finds (jewelry! belts! a hat!), but I keep forgetting and when I do remember, I'm just too tired. Like now. I finished a rubric for the students a little while ago and I still have to come up with a quiz...they haven't been doing their reading, so it's time to give them a little reinforcement. Meh.

And, oh hey! I totally forgot my birthday is next week. I thought it was two weeks away. Clearly, my internal clock is fucked up. That, and I have no time to think about anything besides thesis and school. So exciting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

El Chupacabra!

Pretty much everyone knows I have some sort of obsession with the paranormal. Why? Who knows! Maybe it's all the weird things that happened to me as a child, including the five year residence at the house in front of the cemetery. Point is, I've always been fascinated by things that seem otherworldly. I mean, hey, I'm writing my thesis on la Llorona!

One of these supernatural beings is el Chupacabra. Like it or not, he's a part of the Puerto Rican culture. Well, I'm assuming it's a could be a she. Let's call it an it. But it is a part of the local folklore, be it as a comedy relief or as a serious paranormal entity.

If you dig the Chupacabras, I've found a couple of articles on Etsy that may tickle your fancy. Click on the pictures to go to the links. ;) I'm totally digging the Chupacabra badge/pin set. I need it in my life.

Cryptid lovers, enjoy!

All articles are from

Monday, September 15, 2008

I genuinely need these in my life.


Do not be scared. It's not porn or some ridiculously expensive bag. It's something that will come in handy when you're trying to find a parking spot and some large male organ-head takes up two spots.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

After your Doritos?

Yes, more Llorona attempt to distract you from the quiet.

By the way, the translation of what the boy says is, "Oh, don't be such a crybaby/whiner."

Monday, September 01, 2008

Plaid! (Though they call it broken stripe...)

Another thing I desire...Richard Chai coat for Go! International at Target.

I love the purple plaid just seems so dramatic. And I love dramatic.
On sale for $31.49, I think that's a pretty sweet deal. I'm debating whether to get it myself or ask the birthday fairies. Decisions!

Ready for battle.

These shoes are so great, it's ridiculous. They're from Ann Demeulemeester's fall collection. Only thing is that they are 900 pounds! I don't even want to convert that to US dollars...

Let's hope some cheap knock-offs pop up, no?

However, if you have a spare 900 British pounds, here you go:

Ann Demeulemeester @ Browns.