Friday, December 17, 2010

My dark fashion secret

Everyone has one. A dark fashion secret. Some sort of deep fashion shame that you can't admit to in public or perhaps even to yourself. But what is it? What's that one thing that makes you feel awkward, that you don't want to declare?

I have no problems with sweatpants. I only wear them at home when I work out or when I clean. Nowadays, they're being worn just to clean since I'm not working out at all. I fail, I know. Three-toed sloths have nothing on me, I tell you. I've only worn sweatpants outside of the house once, to class. It felt so uncomfortable that I never did it again.

However, I do have a dark fashion secret. I'm embarrassed to declare that I have grunge tendencies. By this I mean that I will become obsessed with an item and wear it over and over again until it develops of a life of its own and tries to murder me. Oh, wait, that's just a nightmare I had. But, really, I do wear things over and over again. I fixate. Sometimes for weeks. I have to pry said article or accessory off my body, otherwise, there it will remain. Attached to me. Forever.

Another bad habit is that once that article or accessory is cast off my body, I may not see it for a long time. Weeks, months, years. Yes, years. I found a dress that I wore once, felt awkward in, and chucked into the closet. Now I can't take it off and I've made a moratorium of wearing it once every two weeks. Sometimes I cave and wear it once a week. Oops. I am weak of will.

I'm also guilty of buying things that are too big. I purchase them with all the intention of fixing them up and wearing them immediately, but. Well. Poop happens. And so there's a pile of clothes in a corner that Damián points to, asking, Honey. When are you going to fix that? All this while I run away and hide in the fridge with the dog. Best hiding place, really.

So, tell me. What's your dark fashion secret?

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