Monday, August 10, 2009

Still hanging.

For a while I thought of completely chucking the blog, but I just don't have the heart. I've been busy with school (meaning thesis), work, some DIY, personal things, and, the all-encompassing paper draft that was due this past Friday.

Also, my camera finally caved and it was shipped off last week to see if it can be fixed. If not, it will be replaced. Sadness! I hope that the fixed (or replaced) camera arrives before I leave for my trip next month. Ah, yes, that's the other thing that's been occupying my time. Frantically planning or trying to because I say to Damian, "we've got to do this!" and he's all, "yes!" And then we fall asleep or forget.

Clearly, we cannot rule the world. Oh well.

I'm hoping to get some paid design work in before November because the situation is serious...barely any jobs out there.

Well, now it's back to work. Have to get some things done today, no dice. For those of you still reading this, thanks for hanging on! And just wait a little longer until I get my camera back for updateds on my DIYs. :)