Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Travel in style?

Do you travel in style? I must admit, I frequently do not. I try, but, usually, my suitcase gives way to comfort. After all, I usually go on demented holidays that involve climbing stairs on cliff faces or stuffing my face.

Okay, maybe not so demented.

But, again, I must admit that the only times I've coldly calculated what goes into my suitcase are conference trips. When I recall my trips to Boston, Albuquerque, New Orleans, and Oxford, I do see that the outfits I wore throughout the trip were rather stylish. Like, you know, this extremely life-saving coat. That I've worn so many times on too many occasions. I have to change the lining already...

(Click the images to enlarge.)


Or this, which could pass off as just casual hanging out gear. If only the pigeons didn't give away my tourist n00bness.


But then, you know, there's always this.


With Boston Quackers


Oh, dear.

I honestly think that my most stylish, or at least, decently stylish, trip was this last one to Washington, DC. And there are barely any pictures. Hm. How do you guys pack for vacation? Do you pack for style or do you pack for comfort? Can there be style and comfort? I mean, please don't bring sweatpants into the equation, folks.

How do you travel? How do you pack? What makes the cut? Do you have a limit on clothing items? I want to know how you guys do it!

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