Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why, thank you.

A couple of minutes ago, the following exchange occurred:

*Aunt pulls up to pick up something*

Me: Hi aunt.
Aunt: Hi sweetie, how are you. *looks up and down* You've put on some weight.
Me: . . . .

If I were rude, or a bitch, I would've (should've?) done the following:

a) reply: Yep. Mom didn't tell you? I'm pregnant.
b) reply: At least I can work it off. Your truckload of internal ugly will never be purged.
c) beat her senseless for being a manipulative greedy bitch

I'd like to point out that this aunt is not the one that was my boss. Thank you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Running out of steam.

It's been a little quiet here lately and that's because things in generally are sort of acting up. Life is a little bit hectic now; I'm just trying to deal with things as they come along. There may be some radio silence for a time while I recharge my batteries.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

$6.97 Fireworks

Well, this past friday we didn't do much, and don't interpret this as a Fourth of July celebration. I'm not about to go celebrating a nation that has surrendered to mediocrity. We went out to dinner, then for a drink (Appletini, yum), saw fireworks at the beach, and then decided to stop by Walgreens, where we spotted a cheap-o bag of fireworks. (For the aforementioned $6.97.) We bought them, even though I was paranoid about somebody calling the police and the firefighters on me again. Like last Christmas, woo.

Anyway, pictures!

At the beach bar in Rincón. (I think it's Rincón...)

Getting this party started...

Is this not the face of a pyromaniac?

Yay, pretty sparks! I suggested throwing a picture of Bush in there, just for the pleasure of seeing it burn, but it would be too much trouble.

Anyway, I know that lately most of the posts are picture-based, but I honestly have been concentrating a lot on either my proposal or cleaning. So I feel that any eloquence or articulation I may possess has sort of gone out the window and I'd rather let the pictures do the talking. Hopefully, once the proposal hassle is out of the way, I will make better posts?

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vets and school and pictures and I should keep writing my proposal.

A quick photo update of random everyday life in the past week or so.

Taking Patch to the vet to remove her stitch (also mom's birthday, happy birthday mom!).

At school doing research. Research! I am being diligent and responsible!

And after school, on my way to the doctor, I saw that the Yagüez Theater was particularly pretty and decided to take a picture. It was only when I was cropping the picture that I noticed that the face of the clock has "Teatro Yagüez" written on it. Almost 25 years going to Mayagüez and only now do I notice. Ay ay ay.

I may update more later in the day. That depends on the wretched proposal. From hell.

*keeps writing*