Thursday, October 02, 2008

A very happy birthday to me.

A very belated birthday post...

So my birthday began as so many other days have begun on the island lately: with skies that have nothing to envy of London. Still, I had harassed a number of friends (sadly, I forgot to invite some people, I apologize!) last minute so we could meet at a beloved haunt, Tapatío. I'd like to think that it was the promise of friends together that lured people there, but it very well could've been the the good food and yummy margaritas. I'll delude myself into thinking that you people love me!


We got there and not fifteen minutes later it started raining. Damn. I could've sworn Snoopy was going to get out of the car, slap me twice across the face, and then say, "happy damn birthday, bitch" for making her go out in that rain. Fortunately, my face remains intact. Margaritas were had, too much food was consumed, and we spoke too much of a certain professor's scrotal area.

Oh shit, overshare? Moving on...

Thanks to all of you guys who were able to make it! I had a great time. I'm already plotting how to make monthly get-togethers or such. Because, sadly, we've all become thesis-writing losers that have no life. (Well, most of us.)

After gorging myself on delicious Mexican food for lunch, dinner was to be Chinese. DUMPLINGS, PEOPLE. DUMPLINGS! Ever since my good friend Gloria introduced me to them, it's some sort of inescapable vice. So of course, I made sure we went to a Chinese restaurant that had some. So that's where my parents, Damian, and I went. And once again, I ate too much. But I left some space, for at home, I had this waiting for me:

A cake. With a sheep on it. Awesome. For those of you who don't know, I have some sort of obsession with sheep. I think they're too cute. So I requested a cake with sheep on it. And parents delivered. Sweet. Also, Damian would very much like it if I showed you the following picture:

Why was I smiling so much? Because I'd just received these bad boys.

The boots look black, but they're actually dark brown, like in the picture. I haven't worn them yet, I don't want them to get ruined with the rain. So I'm saving them for a colder, decidedly not so wet occasion.

I've got some other pretty awesome stuff on my birthday (CHUPACABRA! PIRATES!), but I'll save those for tomorrow. I'm beat. I have to work on my students' grades and my thesis. Am facing a conundrum regarding deletion of a possible subtopic. Suck.

Again, thanks to everyone who came to my last-minute birthday lunch and to all the well-wishers.

'Till next time!

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