Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That was unexpected.

I made a student cry.

I can't believe that.

I'm not proud of that (well, sort of...), but it happened.

The student had committed plagiarism and I had given him an F on the assignment. I expected him to question the grade, per usual, but he was a bit more sassy than usual. He gave me attitude! After blatantly committing plagiarism, he had the audacity of questioning the grade. So I gave it to him straight: I told him that had he paid attention in class and read the text, he would not be in this situation. The conversation carried on for a good ten minutes or so, and I noticed that his face was getting red. I thought, "oh shit, this guy is getting pissed." But then I saw that his eyes were watering. Obviously, I was shocked, but I had to maintain my composure and reaffirm the punishment. I told him that he had a chance to make up for the grade with the rest of the assignments in class, but he had a zero in this one.

*still can't believe it*

In other news, my car almost drowned in a flood. Yay. Yay for Colegio and bad campus layout!

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