Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fascinating feathers frolicking fabulously.

Say that 6 more times!

Anyway, before I begin I'd like to give a disclaimer: I didn't get this because of Kenley on Project Runway. Granted, she has made them more accessible due to her exposure on the program, but I've been wanting one of these for close to a year.

So without further ado, I present to you all, my feather fascinator!

Isn't it sweet? I can't wait to have an opportunity to wear it. I would've preferred a headband, but this will do. In any case, it was what I originally wanted a year ago: I only began to think about the headband because it seemed more probably to be available in stores. Never happened so, the Bay saved my arse again.

Problems with this accessory? I know I can't wear this to school. So many people here aren't that keen on adventurous fashion. Also, with the nasty rains, the poor baby would get wet, and we just can't have that, can we?

I haven't found outfits to wear this with yet. It's easy to go overboard and turn into a character with this thing, so it would have to be a simple outfit that doesn't outdo the hairpiece. The person I saw it on, who restarted my whole obsession with feather fascinators, only had a simple black dress on, so I guess that's the way I should play it. Except I don't really have any simple black dresses. Just one that I got from the Salvation Army some time ago.

And one last picture, except this time it's an action shot! (Well, the fascinator is on my head, even though I'm not wearing it out...) Excuse the manginess, I'd just finished working out!

Also, for those of you wondering how it went for me at the Victorian Literature Festival, it went good! My old (old as in previous, not in reference to advance age) Victorian literature professor did not glower in disapproval and she seemed satisfied with my presentation. And I could see (well, what I could see: I had a spotlight aiming right at my face, wee) nods of approval and faces of interest from the audience! So I'm very happy. All I've heard so far is very good.

Now back to my cave of working on abstracts and proposals. You'd think that doing a 100 word abstract would be easy, but no. I always go over the damn 100 words.

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Scizor said...

Stella, don't hold your breath until Colegio embraces bold fashion. The straight guys will never care, the plastic girls will always point and giggle because of jealousy and the gays will chuckle because they can't pull it off. So go and rock that thing! It's VERY pretty and it looks Colegio friendly. :D