Friday, October 03, 2008

Chupacabras and pirates and more.

Warning, picture heavy post...

So here are other highlights of the birthday loot. First, the flapper hat. Remember that I'd been kvelling over the blue hat from Forever 21. So Damian got it for me. Here it is, just hanging out with an empty candy bag that Damian gave me too. Well, he gave it to me with candy. I devoured the contents. Note how it is the small candy, not the big one. Somebody trying to tell me something? (What is that? You're just trying to stop me from getting adult onset diabetes? Oh.)

Here it is, on my head. The hair is decidedly non-flapper, but I still think I can make it work with dark red lipstick, no?

Keyla gave me this insanely awesome pirate nutcracker. In the name of Pete & Pete, it's great. Here it is, accompanied by a duckie bean bag that Damian also gave me.

And to round up the lot, here is something that I featured in my Chupacabras round-up! Chupacabras pins! Damian picked these up for me too.

These weren't all the presents, but I just wanted to show you the most particularly peculiar and curious. I loved all my presents and want to thank everyone for them!

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