Thursday, October 09, 2008

Building an outfit.

(Warning: Lots of pictures.)

I had the intention of chronicling my work wardrobe this semester. Unfortunately, as you can see, I have failed miserably at that. However, I decided to do a post today since I was wearing a particularly loud piece of wardrobe. By Puerto Rican standards anyway, it seems.

So here we go. A step-by-step outfit creation post. Of course, outfits don't always flow this easily. Sometimes it takes 17 shirts, 12 pants, 5 shoes, and one change of undergarments later.

Oops, you didn't need to know that last part?

Anyway, here they are. The pants. Or as mom thinks, the crazy pants. Because they are so loud I can be seen from another planet. Neat!

Next step: adding a top. I decided to add a simple white top because, honestly, the focus of this outfits are the cosmic pants.

Almost done! Now, to cover myself up because I am the example of public decency, I put on a vest with some pins on it. And I cannot resist saying that the pins are half "do it yourself" because they were earrings and I just popped off the earring part and stuck a pin on it. Wee!

To finish it up, add some nice accessories and shoes, and, bam! You've got a work appropriate outfit! (Well, it all depends on where you work...)

Finished outfit:

So yes. Hope you have enjoyed this graphics-heavy post. If you are male, my apologies. Please do not kill yourself due to fashion overload.

Before I forget, the Mayagüez Salvation Army is having a half-off sale. Guess who went bonkers? Uh-huh. I mean, it's already cheap. And now it's cheaper?!

Count me in.

I'll tell you all about that jaunt later. Right now, I'm tired and it feels as if my eyeballs will ooze out. Have a good night everyone!

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