Monday, October 20, 2008

I am distracting you!

Sorry for the radio silence people (hm, I feel like I've said that before...). I've been under a pile of essays and oh my God, the things kids write these days. Other than that, took Damian to the airport. Which means Stella is sort of bummed out for the next two weeks. However, I think I'll be so busy, there is a very high possibility I will have hardly any time to think. I have to finish drafting up proposals, send said proposals, work on other projects, work on my thesis, and correct more papers. Among other things. I should make a list. In fact, I'm going to do that right now.

To-do list:
-work out
-finish grading papers
-show students their cumulative grade up to now
-finish first chapter
-finish and send proposals
-work on Cobi shirt
-work on English Major design
-work on Chupacabra '08 design
-not lose my mind
-clean room
-hang out with friends
-take dresses/jacket to tailor
-do TA and professor observations
-work on TADS portfolio
-do thrift shopping
-harass Damian about leaving me alone here

Ah, shit.

In an attempt to distract you (is it working?) from the quiet, I present to you with a picture of my darling precious adorable dog Maya, one of the house pack. Can you resist that face? Those puppy dog eyes? Can you? I can't. Not when combined with a sheep plushie. Normally, I wouldn't show pictures of my dogs (yes, I am that paranoid), but this one is too cute to hide.

Until the next post then!


Ilusion Optica said...

Esta bellisima... como Sonya... ya sabes, es que se parecen a nosotras!!! :D

Kinezono said...

Well, I see you have a...hmm... "complete" life. Aaaaanyhow, make... the best you can. lol

(I like guessing games. Do you? See you, Hoshi-chan. lol)


ほし said...

Hehe, gracias Ilu, que es de tu vida, como va todo? Que bueno verte por aqui!