Sunday, October 05, 2008

200th post!

I thought this post was going to be monumental, all-encompassing, a celebration of my 200 posts here and my two years or so at my blogspot address.

Yet, no.

This is for you, Vivi. To show you we are stuck under some sort of gigantic and everlasting rain-producing cloud. (Or series of clouds.)

And guess what? It rained the day after that! And the one after. And it's raining today as well. WOO!

I spoke to Keyla yesterday and she told me that we're supposed to have even more rain this week. Sweet merciful weather lords...

Anyway, happy 200th post!

(Though perhaps I should be disappointed in myself? I mean, over two years and only 200 posts? I've got to step it up, people....Step it up!)

1 comment:

Viv said...

Geeeez! It really is pouring over there! And more rain in the forecast? You guys will to grow scales and fins if you're not careful.