Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Triumphant return!

Apparently the PRTC read my last post full of fury and decided to get their asses her. Pronto.

And they called this morning at around 8:30 and decided to fix my internet! Good job. If I had cookies, I'd give you some, PRTC. Now don't let this happen again.

It turns out that some loons that were supposed to have been fixing the internet actually changed the codes for almost an entire neighborhood. The attendant told us that this was the fourth house he was fixing an internet/phone problem for.

(Notice how internet comes first? I don't care much for phones. They ring at inconvenient times. Like when you're in the bathroom.)

So our problem was caused by the very company. Way to go PRTC!

Now if you excuse me, I will go get ready to go to school.

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Sarah D. said...

Here is to being a GROWN UP!!! :)