Monday, May 17, 2010

Thrift Week!

I don't think you, my dear readers, are strangers to my love of thrift. I like going to thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, the Salvation Army and Goodwill often. Not only because it causes a significantly less amount of damage on my wallet, but because I like thinking what kind of story comes with the clothes. What did the previous owner do in it? Did they love it? Did they hate it? Why did they give it away?

However, sometimes, (actually, more often than not) some of the thrifted finds need to be fixed. It can be little details (fix a button or a hem) or big ones (taking in, dramatic shortening, sleeves) that they can be forgotten in the hassle of fixing them. Actually, forgetting to fix them.

In an effort to bring my thrifted finds front and center, I have decided on two things: thrift week and a moving clothes rack. I'd wanted a moving clothes rack for quite a while now. The original purpose was to put the week's clothes on it so I didn't have the hassle of last-minute closet trashing in order to find an appropriate outfit. With a clothes rack, I take out any outfits I imagined for the week with a few extras added in, just in case my original plans fell out.
Clothes rack action shots!

In the spirit of my newly acquired thrifted finds, I decided to use the clothes rack to put all my recent thrifted and hand-me-down finds and integrate as many of them into an outfit as possible. I have also used the rack to put the repair-needy thrifted items front and center. Complete with hastily made signs.

To start off the first TF of 2010, I decided to wear this brightly patterned dress. I'm quite under the weather since Friday, battling a nasty cold. How zonked am I? There was a 5.8 earthquake on Sunday morning and I thought I hallucinated it during a feverish haze. Fabulous! I needed something to perk me up and I thought this dress was perfect for it. Upon trying it on again I realized that it is a little big on me and it will need to be taken in, but I'm happy with it!

Look who decided to join in on the photo action!

The super huge Iris Apfel-style sunglasses in the picture? Thrifted this weekend for a whole ¢.50!

So what does Thrift Week consist of? Simple: the ultimate goal is to wear an entirely thrifted outfit. If that is not possible, the outfit must contain as many thrifted elements as possible. Certain things are exempt from this: underwear and shoes, as I only have 1 pair of thrifted shoes. I'm a size 10-11; I can barely find shoes in my size in regular stores!

So there you go. Stay tuned for my other thrifted outfits!

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