Sunday, May 23, 2010

More to-dos...

My co-worker (and friend) M had suggested a local chain store to find some vinyl/pleather for a project that's been on my mind for what seems ages now. Not that I lacked faith in her word, on the contrary: fabrics and textiles are her forte so I knew she would be the best to ask. No, I just knew that that same store on my old side of the island did not carry that. You know, because the raptors ate it.

(My co-workers joke that I come from the dinosaur side of the island. We've got raptors and t-rexes ambling around. I promptly reply that of course, that's why I'm so late when I come back from the island on weekends. Had to fight raptors to reach the tollbooth.)

Now, let it be said, she and the rest of the people I have the opportunity to share an office with at work are all incredibly talented. In fact, I feel so grossly untalented around them. Sometimes I just sit and stare and listen intently when they discuss design. I've been working on and off on design for years now, but I have never obtained the proper education in it. So to hear people who studied it talk on the subject is an incredible education on the subject and it only heightens my respect for these people.Back to the subject: I'd visited before and saw something that caught my eye, but I wasn't completely sold. Today, in search of elastic, I decided to visit the vinyls and pleathers one last time. Whoa. Well, just cut some of that fabric right up for me, won't you?

The first vinyl, the dark green one, is meant for the trial run. The wearable muslin, if you will. The second, the mock croc, is going to be my pride and glory, if I can make it work right.

You see, since I honestly don't have a spare $875 to invest in the Alexander Wang Rocco Mini duffel bag, I'm going to make one myself. Yes, make one myself. You read correctly. Don't look at me like that! I've made purses before! Hand-sown. With beading, to boot. So don't you feel sorry for me!

All joking aside, I am concerned. I've made purses and clutches before, but it's been with fabric: denim, taffeta, etc. Never with vinyl or pleather. So I'm quite worried that my skills aren't up to the game. But, we will see. This is a labor of love. I'll have to fit it in between work and puppy. Who seems quite intent on chewing everything he encounters...

I'll keep you posted on the process!

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