Friday, May 28, 2010

Guaynabo's Crepe Make: Review

Warning: extremely picture heavy post!

Damian and I are foodies. Like, seriously. We never consider our outings or vacations complete unless we have good food. We never really plan the sightseeing (despite my repeated attempts to do so), but we always manage to go to and plan the hell out of our food touristing.

Unfortunately, in Puerto Rico, foodies have to go to great lengths to find truly good food. I may sound like a snob here, but I'm really demanding about my food. And, sadly, a lot of places that we've been to here that are supposed to be top-notch have fallen into the category of dismal.

Our friends recommended a place in Guaynabo called Crepe Maker and, well, we knew we had to go. We really like crepes and we hadn't found a place in Puerto Rico dedicated exclusively to crepes. We quite missed a crepes place that we chanced upon in London, so hopefully this would be a suitable replacement.

I think it is. The food is quite good; it's prepared right in front of you and it's all fresh. The only downside is that it always seems to be full, but hey! That means business is good and they'll stay open. Unlike many good restaurants that we were loyal to, but weren't economically successful. Asiquesi, anyone?

So here are our main courses! Savory crepes with chicken and black bean and raspberry accents, respectively.

Dessert! A cheesecake, strawberry, banana, and nutella crepe. Altogether now! Yuuuuuuuuuum.

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