Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thrift Week! Outfit 6 (or an outfit for island living)

Yes, my darlings, I am going all the way with TW. I am rocking the thrift all the way 'till Sunday.

This is the outfit I wore yesterday to indulge in some delicious crepes before the drive back to Raptor Land. The pictures also herald the return on Genghis K.!

As you can see, this look is covering a lot less than my weekday looks. Puerto Rico is the island of eternal summer. We only have hot and hotter. Temperatures only drop down to the 80s during "winter" and that's it. With the coming of proper summer, we're scratching the 100s everyday.

I am extremely susceptible to temperatures. I'm very vulnerable to the cold (I shiver at the slightest breeze) and it's even worse with the heat. The other day, I nearly fainted when we exited the office for lunch. The office temperature is at 70 degrees...while outside it was a 108. Fun!

Therefore, summer outfit plans are motivated by the simple need to cover as less as possible without looking like a scarlet woman. Please take note of my wet hair; it's a necessity to have some sort of cooling device!

Shades: Fake Bans from SA, .50¢
Earrings: Kress changed into sterling silver hooks, $1.50
Vest: Marshalls, $5.00
Dress: Handmade from SA, $1.00
Belt: My mom's from the 70s-80s
Shoes: Century 21, $4.99

Pictures and review on crepe's place are forthcoming!

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