Sunday, May 30, 2010

Outfit Backlog: Green? Supah green!

Sorry, couldn't help it. The Fifth Element is still awesome to me. And Gary Oldman's character? Classic.

So while I may whine, at times, over Puerto Rico's constant unrelenting heat, there's another downside. Le temps est capricieux. One day, we will have sweltering 100º heat. The next day will be windy and cloudy, not to mention quite rainy. Such was the case of this last Thursday. And the rest of the weekend.

So since the weather was manifesting itself and the office's air conditioner is not too kind either, it was time to bust out the tights once more. I'm also wearing one of the...several cardigans I picked up at Old Navy's mega 50% off the clearance sale. Cardigans for $2.00! SOLD!

Outfit details:
Earrings: Marshalls
Top: PacSun
Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace: Ovalop
Skirt: Rave
Tights: Rave
Boots: Nobello Booties from Nine West

Let me tell you a story about these boots. I fancied them. Hard. But they were way too expensive for me and my student budget. So waited patiently until a discount popped up. But by the time I waited, they were gone, gone, gone in my 10.5 size.

Sigh. Story of my life.

Fortunately, for some reason I decided to look for them on Amazon, and voila! They were there! Only one pair left in my size! I bought those babies faster than you can say "check please"! And now I adore them and am afraid to wear them out. I'm also afraid to wear them in front of Genghis, lest he bite the bloody hell out of them.

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