Thursday, May 20, 2010

Labels are love?

Let me tell you, when I was growing up, I loved the labels. In fact, everyone at school loved the labels. But, at my school, we were going for very particular sorts of labels. Roxy, Quicksilver, Mossimo (remember when Mossimo was not owned by Target? Yeah...), Hurley, and sundry where the labels to love. If you weren't a surfer or skater back then, you were pretty much nothing. At least in my town. Maybe it's an island thing...

Like any good teenager, I tried to fit in, but it wasn't really of my interest. I love the beach and admired surfers and skaters, but that scene was most definitely not for me. I am terrified of deep water. I tried my hand at skateboarding and it was an utter disaster. I didn't need anymore stress on my poor damaged knee and learning to skateboard seemed to involve a lot of time avoiding the floor. No, not my style thank you. I'll salute you from afar. I'll wait for my boy on the shore as he swims by and far from the buoy. While I freak out thinking, Oh my God, don't let there be sharks!

But I always had respect for fashion. I'd seen pictures of my grandmother and mother while young and they were into trends. My grandma rocked the 40s and 50s and my mom wore purple velvet bell bottoms that I'd wish she'd kept. (I would've never fit into them, though...she weighed only 95 pounds back then! What a little thing...) One of my first memories of Yves Saint Laurent were my grandmother's perfume and the sheets she got for my mother. But, above everything, it was all about being put together.

I later went through a phase where all I wanted was high-end clothes. Fortunately, it did not last very long. I realized that what mattered wasn't the label inside, but how I felt wearing it. (Fit's important too!) I particularly don't care where it came from. Which shocked my mother, since she witnessed first-hand my short-lived label frenzy. Of course, respect to the fashion houses is due, but I cannot suffer or punish myself because I may not be in the economic place to make certain purchases.

That said, I'll always have a soft spot for Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, and Coach among others. Even if I can't afford them. Ha! But my weakest, tenderest point? Oh, thrifting!

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