Saturday, May 29, 2010

Outfit Backlog: A little French, a little Gatsby Wednesday

I love The Great Gatsby. I also love the 20s, hats, wide leg pants, and stripes, among other things. This outfit to me is the perfect encapsulation of casual wear to me. I felt super comfortable all day long without feeling schlumpy. I sense many repeats of this outfit in the future. Or at least variations. Why? Because I bought a helluva lot striped fabric to make tops with, yeah!

Hopefully, I will find a way to manage my time well and actually make the shirts soon...sigh.

Outfit details:
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Top: Gap via Salvation Army
Necklace and ring: Made by me!
Jeans: Kmart (yes, Kmart!)
Shoes: Payless

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