Sunday, October 01, 2006

A very piratey birthday (yar!)

My boyfriend led me to believe that last Friday was a low-key dinner to celebrate my birthday. I was bummed because everybody was too busy for us to hang out until late October and was resigned to never ever have a birthday party. Much less a pirate birthday party!

But lo and behold, the Boy and Clan Boobie strike again...

Needless to say, I was very happy. :) I'd been commenting on wanting to do a pirate-themed birthday party for some time, but, per usual, I chickened out. Boo. D contacted Clan Boobie and then sneaked into my cellphone and Adium account to get my nearest and dearest to show up. (And before anyone tells me, no, I never plan on letting that man go. He is much too awesome.) They all masterminded this party behind my back...ha! The cake was delicious, the food was delicious, the drinks were just what the pirates ordered, and the company was fantastic. Thanks you guys. You really made my birthday special. :)

And here's everyone in their piratey finest.

And, the pirate layout? Also D...the boy has really gone above and beyond to make me feel special. :) *keeps*


Osoroco said...

let me be the first one to say:

Tovi said...

If I'd been there, I would've dressed as a zombie and crashed your stupid pirate party. ZOMBIES RULE !!!


K said...

I'm very happy that you enjoyed your Pirate B-Day! You know we all love you a whole lot and wish you te best!

Viv said...

I'm glad you had a great day mate :)

TheaLeticia said...

Holy shit Stella! I can't read what you wrote because your pirate theme was threatening to gouge my eyes out, but I saw balloons and birthdays so

ほし said...

Thanks guys. :)

And, Thea, you should totally go ahead and change my link on your page. x.x Sorry for not getting back to you on that.