Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So, after two long years of waiting. After so many dreams. So many lost opportunities. I finally have it.

I got my iPod!

It arrived today, all 80gb of music storing glory. Ah. *delight* So happy. It is already stuffed with music (well, not stuffed...I put only 17 gigs from the mac) encased in its Coach protective case. Ha.

And because I'm addicted to blogger's photo upload thing, here it is:

Happy happy, joy joy. My dad thought it was hilarious that Jack Sparrow was on the box though...me being a pirate fan and all.

*continues fiddling around with iPod*

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S. Jones to you... said...

Since I am blind and the letters are so tiny that they are making me more so. *Using magnifying glass to see* You're trying to make me need a telescope to see aren't you?