Sunday, October 29, 2006

Culinary Adventures.

There's no other way around it so I'll just say it.

I ate cactus.


Last night I went with my parents to one of my favorite haunts, an organic restaurant in Cabo Rojo called Asiquesi. My dad was totally game but my mother was most definitely not. I saw cactus on the menu and I figured, why not? Life is short. It didn't taste bad, but it isn't something I'd eat all the time. It is definitely an acquired taste though. No more cactus for me!

I have a crapload of stuff for this week. Clean room (again). Write up presentation on monsters. Rewrite essay for SLA. Finish all portfolios (oh shit). Watch Blade Runner for portfolio. Pay credit card. Order dad's birthday present. Resist lure of Marni boots.
Send letter for Cambridge. Distribute flyers for UPenn. And, at some point, get some sleep. La.

Keep in mind, I'm not complaining, this is more of a to-do list. In only four weeks, it'll all be over until January and that is about, 522 levels of awesome. Yay, vacation!

I had nasty dreams last night. I dreamt of aliens (the thin, big-eyed kind, those are the ones that scare me) and then, I woke up within the dream, and there was someone watching me in the dream. *shudders* I was scared that it was another night terror episode, but at least I could breathe.

Also I'm very stressed and scared that all the money I'm saving this semester is for the Cambridge trip. All of it. I know that when that money goes I'm going to suffer, but it will be worth it in the end. I hope. *gulp*

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