Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Today is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because you get to dress up, harass people for candy, and it's allowed! Sadly, I'm not going anywhere this year (bad car and just downright paranoia) so, no dressing up. Sad face! However, if I was going to dress up, I already had ideas :P

Mana (from Malice Mizer)
GoGo (Kill Bill)
V (I think this needs no explanation whatsoever

The fact that I have the same haircut as all those people/characters is definitely influential!

However, if it had to be one of those couples costumes, I guess I have that covered too?

GoGo & a Crazy 88
V & Evey (and D would be Evey since he a) has the haircut b) I AM V)
Sayuri and The Chairman (yay, heritage)


Unfortunately, no parties for me. Sadness.

Happy Trick or Treating everyone! I hope your day is full of candy and awesomeness!


Osoroco said...

wow that was great, I had no voice in choosing costume if we where to go couple costumes
specially since I have to play eve cross-gendered which even if our haircuts are swapped, V is taller than eve, plus a wig and a bald head thing fixes the haircut issue :P

ほし said...

Hey, you did get a choice...we'd already discussed the V/Evey & Gogo/Crazy 88 costumes...

The Sayuri/Chairman costume just occured to me as I wrote this post.