Friday, October 20, 2006

Cheap Thrills

I'm one of those people that is just as happy wearing Yves Saint Laurent shoes as I am wearing a one dollar t-shirt from a flea market. Of course, I love brands and nice things, but I also love The Find, the one inexpensive fabulous thing that totally makes your day.

Today I did the latter, the inexpensive purchase. I bought two three dollar shirts at a "Venta del Pasillo" and I couldn't be prouder. I needed some new camisoles (since I've worn the ones I have to shreds and I've already had to throw away four) so I'm quite happy with my new purchases!

There's also another new purchase in my life that I haven't talked about since I honestly forgot. All this running around for work and school and family situations is not good at all for my short-term memory. Anyway, the other day I waltzed into Gordon's, with no plans of actually purchasing something. But I did. I found this thin, half-round pavé ring that I saw as the substitute for the ring I usually wear on that all-important finger (you know, the one that says "fuck off, I'm taken"). The one I always wear is the one my mother gave me, but I can't take that when I'm out of the country due to the fact that it's not insured. And that the ring has been in the family for around 40 to 50 years and if I lose it my mother will kill me, my grandmother will return from her grave and kill me again, and my father as well. So, getting an alternate has been a wise choice. And I'm quite happy with it as well!

It was relatively low-priced and it is the tiniest piece of jewelry I've ever worn, or, at least D thinks so. He was so surprised when he saw it, he actually said, "the diamonds, they're so tiny!" He is highly amused.


Not so RaggedyAne said...

Hey Sweetie,
your pave ring and your Mom's Ring sounds lovely!

OOooh...I love those cheap finds too! Can't wait to see you wear them!!

I found this mohair cap for USD3/- over the weekend and am mighty proud of meself too! TEE HEE!

S. Jones to you... said...

You have to show me how you find so many great stuff, oh Obiwan. Note to self: go buy jewelry with Stella. Jejejeje

Fatman said...

Here's a hypothetical question: If a homeless man collapses from a heart attack and dies, leaving no known relatives, and you take his jacket was a crime actually comitted? I don't look for bargains but sometimes clothes in unconventional ways.

ほし said...

Ane: Hehe! I think I'm actually going to start taking pictures of outfits so at I don't forget good combos or so I get ideas. I'll probably put up picks of the rings.

Congrats on the cap! I wish it were colder here, so I could wear pretty wintery clothing...(and that we didn't have this horrid humid heat either :/)

Boobie Sharon: Yes, you must. I am The Bargain Hunter! I know all the sales! After all, who can get 476+ shoes at less than half price! :P

Fatman: can -definitely- call that unconventional! *nods*