Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hating this week with the fury of a thousand monkeys.

This whole waking up at 7am and going to work thing is clearly not working out. Specially when I'm waking up this early to go work at the job I don't like, guh.

I've been obscenely tired all this week which on one hand is good because when I go to bed, I actually rest, not toss and turn like usual. But I'm spaced most of the time, even in class, because my body just can't seem to fully recharge its batteries. I'm not really taking in anything...I'm just in Zombie Auto-Pilot Mode. Just have to remind myself that it's only until next Monday. >_<

Anyway. This is my way of saying to the world: I'm sorry if I sound retarded, but my sentence formulating capabilites are severely lessened due to lack of restful sleep and hating my job.

And I had the most disgusting dream this morning that had to do with being transferred to some snooty private school and that D was smoking. Repeatedly. In front of me. And that he couldn't understand why I was upset. And he also was acting like a flaming butthole in the dream. Ugh. I hate my subconscious.

*goes to work*


K said...

Meaow !!! Dito Stellita...are you eating properly?!?!

Osoroco said...

wow, between "like a flaming butthole" and the news in slashdot about "Hubble Discovers Dark Spot on Uranus"
I think I've had my share of ass references for this morning

Viv said...

Waking up at 7am? I understand why you're so tired. Im not a morming oerson either. Its specially hard to wake up early after taking classes at night. I understand u .

Anonymous said...

I've been here for a long time w/o commenting b/c... maybe I am a bitch.

Anyway, you told me in one comment that you were taking 5015 with Haydock... I'm giving away my books dealing with literary and critical theory. I have a very cool one "Introduction to Critical Theory" (it explains through drawings and funny quotes), it may help you survive on one of those classes when Haydock's bitchy with MY class.

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