Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Do my best!

Wow, that title is very Miyazawa Yukino. >.>

Anyway, I finally got out of bloody work. Back to working on weekends. No more subbing for my stupid immediate superior. Freedom feels like frolicking across fields and being carefree.

Sadly, the freedom lasted for about two hours.

Back to ye' olde school grind, but this time with a lot of meetings. I've decided (along with some input from Clan Boobie and The Boyfriend) that I need to downsize my responsibilities before a) I grow murderous (well, I actually already am murderous) b) actually commit a homicide. But, apparently, that is not going to happen any time soon. I've been sort of appointed as the leader of the upcoming Cambridge session.

Yes, I want to go, I'm planning on going, and any help anybody can give is totally appreciated. And by help, I mean money. :D

Anyways, the relaxing part of my life should start around Christmas, when I will be taking several days off to entertain friends. :)

I'm fairly sure that I have other things to say, but, right now, my brain is just...not functioning, so take care everyone!


Tovi said...

I think you'd enjoy this.


ほし said...

xD Que mal...ahora tengo bajon de sushi. T_T

Sushi is love!