Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoes, shoes, thrifted shoes!

Genghis muzzle!

I'm a germophobe. Which is hilarious because I thrift like a madwoman. However, there was one thing I wouldn't do and that was shoes (and underwear). I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. I don't know. Of all things, shoes seemed the most unsanitary to me. Then my mother, who is perhaps an even a worse germophobe than me, went ahead and bought herself thrifted shoes.

With relish.

Even though my mother went ahead and bought shoes, I still had a lot of hesitation about that. It wasn't until I mom and I were at the CR flea market that she saw a pair of flats and insisted to buy them for me. After not having mutant 'shrooms grow out of my feet due to wearing them (and a militant cleaning of course), I figured that thrifted shoes were okay. After all, shoes in stores?They're tried on by even more people than a thrifted shoe until they're bought and given a proper home.

Add to that the fact that with my shoe size, it's not easy to find shoes, well. I buy shoes when I see them. So yet another world of awesomeness was opened to me tanks to thrifting.

That said, the thrifting in the metro area hasn't been as great as back home. I'd repeatedl
y check the OSJ SA and nothing. Overpriced and understocked. I was about to give up until I swung over to the Cataño SA and found these puppies! The most expensive one was the velvet pair for $5.00. All the other pairs were just a mere $2.00 each. Needless to say, I will be back for more soon!

And here I thought Genghis was happy with my purchases...I mean, he was winking!

Only to later give me this: the glare of disapproval. I think he's taking his dad's side of my having too much shoes? Which is utter bollocks if you ask me. A girl could never have too many shoes.

Bad dog! No biscuit!

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