Monday, July 19, 2010

Nature: not bad!

When we have time to, Damian and I like to get out and be buddies with nature. Well, not extremely. I've gone camping, but he hasn't and I don't think I'll go camping again. Not because I didn't like it, but I'm just too paranoid to go and hang out in a forest or wherever after reading too many creepypastas and horrific true stories.

Lesson here? The internet will ruin your desire to go camping. But back to the subject. One of the ways we like to get out is going biking. Right now, I'm sort of terrible at it. I've barely had a new bike for a year. Before that, I hadn't biked in almost 12-14 years. Ridiculous! I had some close encounters with the ground before I felt like a natural on the bike again. Damian will never let me live it down.

So a couple of weekends ago, when I was still recuperating from my tooth ordeal, we went biking at a nearby nature reserve: Laguna Cartagena. It's really quite pretty as there are a lot of birds there, but it also has some dark rumors of UFOs showing up. Obviously, every time we go I urge to leave before sunset. I'm terrified of UFOs and aliens, but we're not getting into that.

We'd planned on biking there before, but never really got down to it. We finally did it though; a couple of hours before sunset. It was really quite nice and cool, a welcome respite from the ridiculous heat we've been experiencing lately. I'm seriously out of shape; I was panting all the time! Oh well, we had fun, which is the important part. Here, have some pictures!

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