Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: J-Taste continued!

(Warning: Picture heavy post.)

J-Taste had it's pros and its cons. The cons were the expense. I honestly think that there were certain things that were just way too costly. The teppanyaki, for instance. However, you sort of "pay for the show" as they say. Nevertheless, I feel the quality of the food wasn't up to snuff to the price. The miso was good as were the dumplings. However, my udon noodles tasted as if they came straight out of a bag! I could've sworn I'd had them before. In my kitchen, from a bag bought at the local Asian grocer.

The octopi were good as well, but nothing absolutely phenomenal. I think they were a bit overseasoned and that took away from the quality of the octopus itself. The drinks were super expensive. Ridiculously so. The lychee martini wasn't bad, but it could've been sweeter. The J-Taste martini was more my style, but it still needed a bit more kick.

The salmon was good and the vegetables were specially yummy. I can't vouch for the filet mignon since I don't eat red meat. I wanted to have some fried ice cream, but again, the prices were prohibitive. All in all, I may go there again, but not for dinner. Maybe some appetizers before going somewhere else. That said, the presentation of the dishes was impeccable as you can see from the pictures in both J-Taste posts.

If you're a local or are in Old San Juan and want to drop in, here's the address:

307 Recinto Sur,
Old San Juan,
San Juan, PR

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