Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: J-Taste.

(Warning: Picture heavy post.)

As you all may know, I spent a week being good friends with non-solid foods. I was pretty much dreaming of food all the time. Wishing I could chew without feeling intense pain in the crater that formerly had my tooth. So when I could finally open my mouth and fit proper food in it, it was time to go big or go home.

Damian's friend suggested we meet up and go to a place in Old San Juan called J-Taste. Of course, I was game. I would've eaten red meat, I was so desperate.

I'd seen the place before when driving around OSJ, but never gone in. Overall it's okay, but there are some things that are off and/or way too expensive. Then again, it is OSJ, so it's surely expensive so tourists' spend their money there.

Review and more pictures tomorrow! So stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE J-Taste. I've only been there once and I've been dying to go again. :O