Sunday, July 18, 2010

FIFA World Cup aka Paul the Psychic Octopus was right!

So I don't now about you guys, but last Sunday was spent in anticipation for the World Cup finals. I know that football isn't as popular in the US as it is in the rest of the world (and I'm not talking about that so-called football that involves an egg-shaped ball referred to as pigskin), but I was raised in a family that quite enjoyed football and made sure to watch the World Cup every 4 years. Add to that being with Damian, who used to play football and we have an equation of never missing a World Cup ever. Ever!

(Oh, and I used to play a bit myself. In fact, that's how I injured my left knee, but that's another story.)

Spain had been on a losing streak for el Mundial (as we call it in Spanish) for years. In fact, it hadn't passed onto semi-finals, much less finals, ever! So this year, the Spanish blood was on fire. Damian wanted me to come down and see the final with him because going up to San Juan and possibly missing it was an abomination. So I down I drove and went to a gathering for the final. Oh boy.

This is Frida. She didn't care much for football. She did care about food, though.

This is Arabella. She was also there for the food.

I'm not showing any people pics here because they are kind of compromising. Nah, kidding. But, people were feeling it. I'm playing it all calm, cool, and collected here, but I was freaking out too, as Damian would quickly point out. But! I will show you my outfit!

Shirt: Mojinos Escozios, Spain
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Sears.

Kids, you cannot get more Spanish than this! Well, Damian was wearing a Spain '82 shirt and his dad was wearing the team's jersey...alright, so I came in third! I'm wearing one of my favorite band's shirts and they are characteristically Spanish. I mean, they have a song dedicated to Camarón...

The dress code was red. No orange allowed! Which is sad because from my dad's side I'm part Dutch as well and, you know, I got to sport the other home team? Poor Holland has made it to the finals thrice and lost, so I feel for them too. But I was quite glad for Spain's win. It doesn't help that the dashing San Iker was team captain, you know.

And, by the way, Paul the Octopus was there with us too!

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