Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clothesmergency: I left my outfit. Now what?

I don't know if I've said it before, but Damian and I are photography buffs. We're also working a side gig as photographers for a band. Not because I'm on their photography crew, but I think they're quite good. They're idea is quite original and I feel that they're different from other bands I know.

Also, the fact that one of my old students is in the band as the resident poet means nothing! :)

So we had a gig on the West side of the island; the band was playing at the Festival Gastronómico Porta del Sol. I'd brought a breezy outfit to deal with the heat since the activity was on the beach. We went back to Damian's house after checking the area out and taking some pictures of overall set-up so we could get ready to look all professional.

And that's when I noticed that everything except my underwear and shoes were missing from my outfit. And when I mean missing I mean it was all the way back in San Juan. I wasn't going to drive all the way back to get an outfit, nor was I going to drive to my 'rents house to see what I could do with the clothes I've left over there.

All that was left was raiding Damian's closet.

Fortunately, he's quite skinny and doesn't like wearing baggy clothes. And I haven't gained enough weight to not fit into his clothes! So I took some ignored pleated pants (which are a no for men, forever, in my book, but I will pardon them for women when they're done right) and a black shirt, rolled up the hem, pushed up the sleeves et voilá! His mother lent me the bright scarf and I used it as a belt to brighten up my outfit. It was cinched more at the beginning of the evening; from all the running around it loosened.

Excuse my pained expression. It was quite late and Damian was still making fun of me for raiding his closet!

Shirt & pants: Courtesy of Damian's closet
Wrap as belt: Courtesy of Damian's mom, Vivian
Shoes: Bitten


Ilu said...

jajajajajaja! y lo mejor de todo es que te ves super bien! No hay quien te quite lo de fashionista!

ほし said...

:) Gracias!