Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As a girl from Puerto Rico, I don't really know what winter is. To me, winter is complaining about the "extremely cold" 60 degree Farenheit weather we get at night during Christmas. And going to the beach during the day. Now I'm not saying that for you to hate me or punch me in the face the next time you see me. It's just the truth.

That said, I have no experience with the cold. As Damian has so articulately pointed out many times, I'm a wuss. The slightest breeze and I turn into my superhero alterego BW, Burrito Woman. Yes, that's right, you heard it here first. I look like a walking comforter: as if a bed's covers decided to sprout legs and walk around, that's how much I suck at dealing with the cold.

In the face of upcoming events that will indeed plunge me headfirst into cold that I most certainly have not known before, I have had to take drastic action. So to prepare, I've bought myself a coat. Actually, two. But I will feature my most recent buy here first. I bought it on sale at JCPenney for $43.00. It's black and white plaid. It has a funnel neck, which I adore. But I'm still scared I look like an old angry Russian hobo. And I say that not because I hate Russia or because I have anything against hobos. No, no! I've always wanted to go to Russia and I feel horribly sad when I see homeless people. But I'm scared I look like the Russian from Snatch when he was in Batman Begins.

See picture!

As you can see, I'm styling it already. I've decided that since it's a dressier coat, I'm going to wear my damn hats. Why? Because, by the Almighty Noodly Appendage, those hats have waited long enough to be taken out and used in appropriate weather. And, of course, boots, because I suck at conventional shoes when cold comes. Yay or nay?

My second coat is a decidely sportier? affair. It's from Old Navy and I bought it at half off back in October because after going to New York when it was 50 degrees and being saved by my cousin's puffer coat, I am a believer. It has a hoodie, with fake fur trim, which is totally hilarious. I bought it for function, not form. I wanted it white, but everyone question my sanity (IT WILL GET DIRTY, they said. YOU WILL LOOK GRIMY, they argued.) so I got it in a darker shade. Pictures will follow when I start getting stuff ready for my trip.

Second outfit is a reminder to myself on how to look on those off days. Because, seriously. Sometimes dressing up isn't so bad? And I am kicking myself for not buying that jacket. KICKING MYSELF. It was the softest leather I've ever felt...like a perfectly worn-in jacket after years of use. Ugh.

Excuse my expression and my lack of shoes. I was trying things on for crying out loud!

But I did get those pants. And those pants are going to travel with me. Oh yes.

Clearly, I have not been cured of my love for wide-leg pants. My mother weeps.

Oh, jeans for $11.00 at JCPenney. I feel weird shopping there, though...

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K said...

Bad Stella... You bought in JCPenney!!!! I forgive you .....I love th outfits you put together and I don't think you look like a Russian Hobo nor that guy from Snatch...