Friday, January 02, 2009

Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur (WITH THE FUR).

Hello my freaky darlings! How have you been? First of all, I apologize for the extended and seriously unplanned disappearance. Tsuki, my laptop, fell and sustained virtual damage to its hard drive and is in the shop. AKA with Damian. And Hiro the desktop has been craptastic as well: it flashes the blue screen of death rampantly and is slower than the line at the mall during Black Friday.

Secondly, my very good friend Gloria flew down from the States to visit me so I was definitely showing her around PR! So now I'm sporting a brand new tan. I didn't seek this tan, mind you. I wear 75 SPF so that's how nasty the sun is down here and that is exactly just how much I don't spend time in the sun. My skin fried in 2.5 seconds. I mean, you can see one of my birthmarks, which is actually a sort of skin discoloration. Normally I'm so pale you can't see it.

Thirdly, the post title is totally Gloria's fault since her mission was to get that song stuck in my head and she has succeeded. And it doesn't help that on her last day here, we actually saw someone with Apple Bottom jeans.

Fourthly, a very happy holiday and new year to all that celebrate any sort of occasion during this time of year. And if you do not, I hope you've had a pleasant vacation! In Puerto Rico, it's still Christmas, so we have actually one more gift giving holiday to go! Oh, such festive Puerto Ricans.

Fifthly, I took a bunch of great pictures, but unfortunately, I have not uploaded them yet. I'm not used to working on the desktop anymore so I'm trying to avoid using it as much as possible. But, really, it seems that I will have no choice for a while.

Hopefully, I will update more regularly soon. With pictures! But for now, take care everyone.

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Osoroco said...

yes Gloria I am holding you entirely responsible for exposing Stella to that song