Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why a V-day gift guide?

Simple. I know some of us get totally and utterly lost as to what to do on Valentine's. Go all out? Ignore it altogether? Something economical, yet simple and sweet? And you don't only give presents to your partner, but to your friends and family as well. Well, those you like!

Here, I give options to everyone.

Also, I try to help you avoid the perils of cliché Valentine's presents, the most common ones as follows:

Underwear? NO. NO. NO. Unless the recipient specifically says, "Oh yes, I would love it if you gave me underwear that you consider sexy," avoid giving undergarments like the plague. Because, basically, it's a gift for the giver, not the recipient. It just means you want to see your significant other in that undergarment. So, drop the hint that maybe you would like to see your lover in that, and hopefully, they will acquiesce!

Candy: Look, everybody likes candy, given. But every year? On the same day? No. If you can't afford anything else, why don't you try to cook? Or bake your partner something? Even if it bombs, they will appreciate the effort. And probably help you!

Flowers: Flowers are never out of style. Never. See how important they are that I bolded and italicized the word? Flowers are always welcome, just don't do it once a year! And if you're doing it on Valentine's try to do something...original? Like my friend's boyfriend did: he got her a number of red roses that was a rose for each month they'd been together and one white rose that signified their future. That is made of win. Why? It makes clear that you know how long you've been together! It's thoughtful! Women love this!

Jewelry: Jewelry is always nice, but there is a problem: it's the safe gift. It's the one you can always go to without fail. That's why jewelry stores are always full to bursting around key holidays: Valentine's, Mother's Day, and Christmas. If your partner has been hankering for a particular piece of jewelry, then give it to them! If not, try to save it for a birthday or another important occasion. Or, better yet, give it as a "it's Tuesday, I love you" gift. That will get you brownie points forever.

So there you go. A somewhat brief guide. If you're not the Valentine type, then just ignore this post altogether. Just remember, you shouldn't reserve love, affection, and tokens of appreciation just for Valentine's.

Do it all damn year!

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