Friday, January 23, 2009

V-day Gift Guide...starting early, yes.

Yes, folks. I know some of you hate hate hate Valentine's because it's a capitalist scoundrel of a holiday that perpetuates the idea that one's significant other must only be rewarded once a year. I agree! But I also like red hearts and the original idea behind it. Plus. Candy!

So here's one for the guys (and gals?) to receive.

Have you ever wanted to give your male significant other a piece of jewelry that's not cheesy? That doesn't make him look like a poser? Then I have the perfect thing for you: here.

A stingray leather-accented sterling silver ring. The perfect mixture of manly jewelry and style, without going into the scary metro area. If Damian weren't anti-jewelry, I would've given him this puppy ages ago, that's how much I think this ring is awesome.

Can be found at Amazon for $59.99.

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